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The Ask: Write a creative brief

In a Nutshell

People who live in Madison, VA see a lot of the "same old, same old." Bald Top Brewing Co. will connect with them because the views, setting and craft make it an escape from boring routine.

The Situation

Bald Top Brewing Co. is a farm brewery in Madison, VA surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. After a year of operation, the brand has only tapped 20% of the local population. How can Bald Top connect with a population that doesn't know about it, and doesn't often try new places?


Who we're talking to

Madison, Orange and Culpeper locals. Married men and women ages 45-54. They’re not the hard-workin' country farmers we might imagine. Most are high school graduates who have some college education, work 9-5 desk jobs (as administrators or government employees), go to the same local restaurants (there aren’t many), and are surrounded by the same kinds of people. There is a lot of “same old, same old."

What Bald Top means to them

Bald Top Brewing isn’t just another local bar, it’s a getaway for new perspective. It's the only outdoor watering hole nearby. With live music on the weekends, killer views, and the introduction of a new craft (beer), it represents a departure from the homogenous routines and Bud Light that people are used to. It’s an opportunity for locals to remove themselves from their day-to-day lives and bask in the beauty that surrounds them. A place for quality time with friends and family in a new setting.


Strategy: Bald Top is an escape from boring routine



What better place to reach bored people than on their drive home from work? This catchy tune was made for radio and to accompany video content for Facebook.

What we did

1 x 1 patron interviews
Competitive analysis
Site visit


Business of Branding


Ryan Conner (Creative Brand Management)
Nanda Golden (Strategy)
Lars Johnson (Copywriting)
Lauren Jones (Copywriting)
Katrine Lismeth (Experience Design)
Alec Milton (Art Direction)