Brand Innovation // Bringing new life to a stale Betty Crocker

The baking mix category was stale, with no sign of improving. We gave people a new reason to pick up a box of Betty Crocker. By planting baking mix in the card aisle.

The Thinking

Bring “vibrant life” to a mature CPG brand and shake up the whole category.

The baking mix category has been declining 2-3% year over year since 2015. And Betty Crocker is taking the biggest hit. To make matters worse, younger audiences (18-34) aren’t buying boxed cake mix. We need to grow the category by creating more bake-worthy occasions in everyday life, inspiring the occasional baker to pick up our box more often.

The thoughtful friend isn’t baking to show they care anymore. Instead, they’re buying a succulent and writing a note.

Show that baking is the best way to say you care.

We took over the card aisle to position cake as the ultimate way to say what you mean.


The Process

After man-on-the-street interviews revealed that Betty Crocker is generally associated with old-school-apron-wearing-homemaking (doilies included), we dug a little deeper. We planned two focus groups to understand why millennials aren’t baking as much as older generations.

Focus group agenda

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.01.04 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.42.19 AM.png

The Executions


Infiltrating the Card Aisle

If Betty Crocker is actually about communication, how can we show it? By selling cake in the greeting card aisle, of course. We designed a Betty Crocker card aisle installation on which to sell our cakes.

Reimagining the Packaging

We updated the packaging to reflect the new focus on communication by selling cake not by flavor, but by message. The new line includes Sorry, Congrats, Thank You, and everything in between. Plus, the cakes have been downsized to 4 servings, and the box comes with everything from a recyclable pan to an icing pen and message ideas. This solved

Taking cake beyond the kitchen

Cake Meme Generator, Say it with Cake Food Truck, Cake Doilies.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 10.45.17 AM.png

Why it worked 

Stayed true to the brand

Caregiving is at the core of the Betty Crocker brand. But in 2018, the image of the classic homemaker isn’t exactly relevant. So we found a new take on care that didn’t feel stale or gender-specific.

Created more occasions to bake

The update to the packaging, both in content and in message, encourages more everyday baking.

Gave new relevance to baking

Baking today is associated with either the out-of-reach confections of the Great British Baking Show or the dated stereotype of the 1950s homemaker. This campaign gives people permission to bake without expertise.


Behind the Scenes

My Role

2 Focus groups
5 Store checks
10 Man on the street interviews
Baking category messaging audit
Strategic framework
Collaborated on brief writing


Gabi Levi (Creative Brand Manager)
Chorong Kim (Strategist)
Ruthie Edwards (Experience Designer)
Chad Hilton (Experience Designer)
Alec Milton (Art Director)
Josh Perry (Copywriter)