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In a nutshell

We worked with Harry’s Labs to concept a pregnancy brand that moms-to-be would like better than what’s currently on the shelf. This resulted in Tandem - a brand that takes the weight off mom by inviting her partner into the process, from conception to delivery.


Background / Harry’s wanted to make better pregnancy products.

Harry’s Labs (the venture and innovation studio behind the men’s shaving brand, Harry’s) is trying to go up against P&G. Beyond their flagship brand, they’ve had a hand in Flamingo (women’s grooming), invested in DTC wellness brands, and have more to come. We worked with them to disrupt the pregnancy space, from conception to delivery.


Problem / Moms carry the weight of the world on her belly - and brands only make it worse

From the moment a woman decides to conceive through delivery, she feels sole responsibility for the epic task of bringing new life into the world. She has to keep it together - both physically and emotionally - for the sake of the new baby. And all of the very pink, mama-centric products in the pregnancy aisle reinforce that idea, implying that pregnancy is a solo endeavor.

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Opportunity / Partner thinks they’re doing everything they can to help…but they’re not

The “I offered” syndrome is real. Partners feel like they’re doing everything they can. In reality, they just don’t know how to support mom in the most effective ways, and mom doesn’t always know how to ask for it. It turns out, partner’s health (both physical and emotional) has real effects on the baby’s health outcomes. We set out to create a brand that involves partner for the sake of both moms and babies.


Solution / Invite practical partner support - creating a pregnancy brand for two

We created a brand that invites partners into the process both physically and emotionally. The look and feel of the brand is intended to make both mom and partner comfortable picking items off the shelf (in contrast to the current sea of pink). The product suite is designed to invite partner into the pregnancy — from true “his and hers” products to products designed simply to make partners feel comfortable buying them for mom.

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Brand identity

The colors, fonts, and imagery were chosen to avoid the hyper-feminine, “mama-only” look that’s common in the aisle today. The tandem bike represents the partnership required during pregnancy, and the tire tracks represent the ups and downs of the imperfect journey.


Suite of products for “trying-to-conceive” phase

We started by designing a line of trying-to-conceive products that can be purchased either individually or as a set in a planning box. The full “trying-to-conceive” planning box includes:

  • A “trying-to-conceive planning guide” - a workbook for couples to facilitate conversations early, taking the emotional burden off mom to decide on her own - from, “How long will we try before seeking additional medical help?” to “What’s our stance on sushi during pregnancy?”

  • Partner fertility tests - an ovulation test and a sperm count kit packaged together to take the physical burden off moms

  • Pregnancy tests - in packaging that can be used to save for the memory, or toss discreetly

  • Partner fertility support vitamins - for both the male and female physiology, intended for consumption during the trying-to-conceive phase to take the emotional burden off moms

  • Ovulation calendar for two - since most ovulation tracker apps are single-login, we created an in-home calendar to make ovulation-tracking a team sport


Vertical retail display

While most pregnancy brands own a single phase of the process (i.e. FirstResponse owns pregnancy tests, RainbowLight owns prenatal vitamins), Tandem is intended to support parents through the entire journey. A vertical display will contrast other pregnancy brands’ horizontal focus, and simplify the buying process for mom and partner alike.

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I approached the research design with two key questions 1) What are the unmet needs of parents from trying-to-conceive through delivery? What are the opportunities for disruption in the pregnancy space?

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In depth interviews

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Ideation session

I assembled a group of copywriters, art directors, experience designers, strategists, and brand managers to ideate on our strategy. First, I led them through a flash briefing of where we were. Next, I led group brainstorms to flip category conventions and imagine how iconic brands would solve our problem.

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Co-creation with users

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My role

Research design
In depth interviews
Ideation session
Co-creation session
User feedback


Gabi Levi (Fellow Strategist)
Joelle Halle (Experience Designer)
Mary Gray Johnson (Strategist)