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The Ask: Write a creative brief

In a Nutshell

Mainstream consumers don't understand why they should switch to the eclectic-looking Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap - or how they should use it. The brand can win them over by positioning itself as the body wash of the people.

The Situation

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 soap rose to fame in the 60’s because the label’s call for peace resonated with the American counterculture. It comes in the colors of the rainbow, with wild packaging that has something to say. 2000 words per label, to be exact. Dr. Bronner used the label to spread his his home-made belief system, the Moral ABCs. Recently, the brand has found its way from health stores into major retailers like Target and Kroger. How can we introduce a cult favorite to the mainstream consumer without diluting the brand? 

What we learned


People don’t know where to begin

People who were unfamiliar with the product were overwhelmed by the prospect of 18 uses. They asked, "So is it for washing the dog or washing my hair?"

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Going organic is a process

Because organic products are more expensive, consumers don't make the switch all at once. A quantitative survey revealed that they go organic first with food, then skincare, then household products.


People don't know the story

The brand was born out of Dr. Bronner's intense desire to "unite the human race." But people don't know that. In all its weirdness, it's a message that would connect with people in today's politically divided climate.

Strategy: Make Dr. Bronner's the body wash of the people

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Position it as body wash

This acts as a handshake to mainstream consumers, offering a simple use-case to get them using the product every day. It also puts the soap in the skincare category instead of household products, making it an earlier stage in the transition to organic.

Make it the people's body wash

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is, by all counts, different from the others. The brand should lean into that difference with a campaign positioning it as the soap of the people - all people. After all, it comes in the colors of the rainbow.

The Sound of Dr. Bronner's

This eclectic mix personifies Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap. Equally for hippies and hip-hop aficianados, this playlist isn't just for one type of person. It's for everybody.

What we did

1 x 1 product trials + interviews
Product reviews
Quantitative survey
Store checks
Social listening


Account Planning


Hannah Barr (Strategy)
Curtis Kingrea (Strategy)