The Ask: Solve a social problem with a comms framework


In a Nutshell

Subaru can take on distracted driving by showing people how to drive mindfully and rewarding them with great views.

The Situation

Distracted driving is an epidemic. It causes one in 10 fatal crashes, and impairs drivers exponentially more than being drunk. If Subaru as a brand is committed to driver safety, they should do something about it.


Distracted driving is a real safety concern for drivers.


Subaru cares about driver safety, but hasn't done anything to combat the issue.


Subaru is for mindful driving.

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Campaign Idea: Mindful drivers enjoy the view.

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Tactic 1: Show people how

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Influencer Road Trips

Loan 2018 Subaru Outback to three influencers during summer road-trip season in exchange for sponsored Instagram posts and stories about how and why they drive mindfully. Outdoor adventure accounts like @everchanginghorizon and @sheenarae would reach single and family adventurers.






Podcast Ads

Reach outdoor adventurers on popular podcasts Outside/In, She Explores, and MtnMeister with a message encouraging mindful driving. These will catch them while they're driving since more and more people are listening to podcasts on the road.


Tactic 2: Offer a real reward

Highway Overlooks

Sponsor highway overlooks across America to give mindful drivers a place to enjoy the view and snap a photo for Instagram to show that they're driving mindfully and enjoying the ride. Signs at the entrance and exit will offer reminders to drive mindfully.

Glove Box Banners

Give “Subaru Views” banners for glove boxes with new car purchases and when a car is serviced at a dealership to give drivers a chance to show off the views along their journey.


Tactic 3: Walk the walk

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What we did:

Dealership visits
Quantitative Survey
Simmons Target Research
Subaru owner interviews


Comms Planning


Catie Frech (Strategy)
Mary Gray Johnson (Strategy)
Kaitie Kovach (Strategy)
Imani Sherrill (Strategy)